The future, two alien races fighting for control of the galaxy, and in the midst of this war, humans from the past are brought into the present to be used as food. Unwilling to be used like cattle, some of the humans escape and manage to rescue their friends and family, sending them back to the past, while staying behind to prevent others from a similar fate.
Allying themselves with one race, the humans must fight to eradicate the aliens who feed on the human race, it’s a race against time as the Thorium Empire is building more Time Matrix machines to bring more humans to the present.
In the past, a woman struggles with the challenges faced by the survivors as their government attempts to bury the entire affair, to keep word from leaking out. Her thoughts are of the man in the future, who sacrificed his own freedom to get her back to what they thought would be hers.
Join the exciting second book of the Time Matrix series as Daniel McKenzie searches for a way home, while attempting to destroy the aliens who feed on mankind.

The second book in the Time Matrix series is now available in paperback, hardcover and kindle format.  Get your copy here.


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